Thursday, April 24, 2008

::Keep hope alive?

Did this one even register on anybody's radar? I didn't hear about any big to-do at my neighborhood record stores (and I live around a gabillion of 'em). I'm all about supporting the record stores, especially indie stores. But I didn't hear of any big name or local bands doing any appearances or significant freebies. So, naturally, it was just another day to me. I mean, all that stuff may have happened...but the promotion around it was mediocre at best. In all, this just seemed like a feeble attempt to rescue a situation that's already too far gone. Digital media is on the upswing. There will be a moratorium on the physical medium within the next 5-10 years, kids. End of story. From all the snotty high school kids who purchased those 3 million Soulja Boy ringtones, the college kids who swear by downloading MP3s online, the greedy industry executives who charged too much for music for too long, to the die hard "vinyl junkie" DJs who switched to Serato Scratch---EVERYONE'S A CONTRIBUTOR!

As much as I love vinyl, it's going to get more and more scarce. But is anyone particularly to blame for the current trend of consumption? Hmm. Certainly not the consumer, right? MP3s are far more practical. I mean, don't you laugh at those messengers that hop on the subway nodding their heads fervently the newest hip-hop track...pumping from their Sony Discman? Don't you just get the sudden urge to shake them into 2008? HA! I do. So does the blame sit with the corporations, then? Hmm. With the recession and the stock market in flux, everyone's looking to cut their overhead to save their profit margin. And if the manufacturing costs of CDs can be sacrificed by going fully digital, why not? Some may see my facetious little argument as a bit devil's advocate, but let's just call it food for thought.

I mean, I still go to record stores. I love the spots in my hood. But my visits have waned over the past few years. CDs aren't getting any cheaper and with new vinyl production on the downslope, I've been uninspired to drop by some of my favorite haunts of yesterday. However, nothing will supplant the niche stores that specialize in satiating the joneses of crate diggers. But let's face it. The digital revolution is progressing at breakneck speed, and ain't no turnin' back. I'm a hater, swipe my card.

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