Monday, June 28, 2010


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Although I've had this one for about 4 months now, I'm a little late on bringing it to your attention. Please don't pull my tastemaker card. Being that it's a project that's still just getting to folks, it should actually redeem me. It's a collaboration between the wizardry of beat maker Gaslamp Killer and the sage-like scowling of vocalist/ emcee Sumach a.k.a. Gonjasufi. You may know Gonjasufi from the track "Testament" off of Flying Lotus' breakthrough Los Angeles album. If not, shame on you. At any rate, he's been rhyming for a minute now with roughly five indie EPs and full-lengths under his belt. Apparently this dude has had quite a few careers, including yoga instructor and DJ. But the one you should be focused on right now is that of his partnership with Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus. And though the visage of Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi looks as odd of a juxtaposition as any: a thugged-out East Indian San-Diego native with dreadlocs that also happens to practice sufism next to a particularly peculiar Zappa-esque white dude with a knack for abrasive psychedelic beats. Go figure. But and all reservations should be obliterated once you take a listen.

The fruit of their collective labor is evidenced in the spectacular, mystical Warp Records full-length, A Sufi and A Killer. It's so hard to explain, but you have to take my word for it: this sh*t is bananas! It's probably what you would find at the crossroads of existentialism, spiritualism, and the carnal, accented with road signs pointing towards Middle Eastern and Indian horizons. So dope. Seriously. This record has been in heavy rotation with me for the past two months and counting. Do yourself a favor and cop. More info here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pursuit Grooves on Gilles Peterson!

One of the warmest, most brilliant, personable, most genuine spirits I know. Hailing from the nation's capital, emcee/ producer/ graphic-visual artist Pursuit Grooves has had quite a journey from point A to point B. She was one of the participants in the 2008 Barcelona edition of the lauded migrating institution of higher sonic learning, Red Bull Music Academy.

Amidst her travels, she's racked up dates around the globe spinning and performing along side the likes of Onra, Ras G, and the otherworldly electronic golden child Flying Lotus. With her special recipe of bleeps and rhymes, she's managed to make quite a name for herself in the ethereal sonic wonderland of soultronica.

And now, fresh on the heels of her debut full length album Fox Trot Mannerisms on the U.K.-based Tectonic Records, Pursuit Grooves takes a minute from her crazy schedule to sit in with Gilles Peterson on his weekly award-winning BBC-Radio One radio show Worldwide.

Listen here!

For all my international pleasure seekers, listen to and cop Fox Trot Mannerisms here! If you're in the U.S., you can cop here! Available on CD, digital, & vinyl!

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Afro-Punk Festival 2010: Last Day!!

Last day to punk it out!! The festivities today include the monster line up show featuring the likes of J*Davey, Martin Luther, The Cool Kids, K-OS, and the incomparable Mos Def!!!

All kinds of fun junk throughout the day include a Nike SB skate clinic, a BMX battle contest, and an XGames/ ESPN contest featuring $5,000 in cash prizes and a FREE one-week stay at Camp Woodward!! More info here!

All events held at:

Commodore Barry Park
@ Flushing & Park Aves,
Navy & North Elliot St.
BKLYN, NY 11205

Saturday, June 26, 2010

GO, GHANA!!!!!

No words can express my elation and joy!!!

The boys were in rare form today!!! Though they definitely committed more than their share of fouls, they came out victorious! Despite the fact that some of the rules of the game were bent (perceivably in the other team's favor), Ghana represented to the fullest!!! BIG TINGS A G'WAN!!!

Africa Plays On: The Films

Here are three films from the African continent that exemplify just how much football (soccer) means to the younger generations. The African Diaspora Film Festival screened each of these films in tandem with the Paley Center for Media this past month.

Le Ballon d'or (dir. Cheik Doukouré)
Country: Republic of Guinea

(Note: I have a few beefs with the opening of this clip. Take a wild guess)

Streetball (dir: Demetrius Wren)
Country: South Africa

The Ball (dir: Orlando Mesquita)
Country: Mozambique

You can still catch Le Ballon d'or at the Paley Center for Media from July 2nd through the 4th. All screenings @ 4PM. More info here. If you're in the midtown area and need a FREE place to catch the World Cup games, the Paley Center (in tandem with Coca-Cola) is screening the games through July 11th. More info here. In addition, don't miss Joseph Peter's collection of collages, photographs, and multimedia installations entitled Africa Celebrates! The World Cup at the Paley Center through September 12th.

K'naan "Wavin' Flag": Celebration Mix

K'NAAN "Waving Flag" -Celebration mix- Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Here we have yet another mix of the K'naan song "Wavin' Flag." This one is sponsored by Coca-Cola. And you can totally tell by looking at the video. There's a very multi-culti, United Nations, commercial appeal to it. Being that "Wavin' Flag" is the official selection of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, I'm sure there's plenty more mixes out there. This has the potential to do wonders for K'naan's career. Let's see what happens with his sophomore album.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Quadron @ Southpaw: recap.

So being that their album has been in heavy rotation with me for the past 2 months, I ventured out to the Quadron show last night in Park Slope, BKLYN. For some Danes, Coco & company definitely exhibited some funky chops. She was on point, vocally. They ran through essentially the lion's share of their 12-track debut. I'm glad they performed my favorites, like "Day," "Slippin'," "Simili Life," and of course "Average Fruit." I'm glad they decided to forego the sobbing featured on the album version of "Far Cry" when they performed it live. My only beefs were that:

A. Robin was not on stage. I mean, to me that's part of the intrigue and allure of Quadron: a Scandinavian duo comprised solely of a soulful white chick singing leads and a multi instrumentalist cat handling production. They should have at least been on stage together. Coco up there with a hodge podge of musicians where one guy looked like a karate master, the other dude looked like a Doogie Howser doppelganger made for a motley crew. But I don't think many folks in the crowd really noticed and/or gave a sh*t. But I, on the on the other hand, notice everything.

B. Coco seems to be having difficulty asserting some semblance of a stage presence. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, but it's true. Me and my homegirl were thinking it may have been nerves, being that this is the group's first time playing in the US, because she gave off a strange nervous energy. But they had already performed 12 of the 16 dates on their US tour by the time they got to NYC, so any butterflies and stage fright should have been shaken off by then. But at any rate, she could use a good stylist and hurr-dresser. And the slo-mo tango choreography she was doing...wasn't working.

But don't let that deter you from coping the album.

It's a really strong first outing for the pair, chocked full of ambient sounds and funky undercurrents. If you enjoyed Robin's 2006 Ubiquity Records collaboration album with singer/ instrumentalist Philip Owusu, Living With Owusu & Hannibal, you'll definitely get a kick out of this one. Thank the mighty, mighty L.A. indie Plug Research for having the gumption to release the Quadron record in the States. By the way, Robin told me that he and Philip have been working on more music together for a second album. Stay tuned.

Check the videos for:

Pressure by Quadron from Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen on Vimeo.

Buster Keaton from Plug Research on Vimeo.

Catch their last few dates in the States at a venue near you:

Get Down With The Philly Sound: Dimitri From Paris X BBE X PHILA

Dimitri from Paris presents "Get Down With The Philly Sound" from BBE Music on Vimeo.

About 9 months ago, I had the honor of sitting down with one of the iconic architects of what is commonly known as the Philadelphia sound: Kenny Gamble. When he took me on a walking tour of their offices (they've remained in the same digs since 1970), I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe that I was in the very same vocal booth that Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, and countless other legends who made so many classic recordings and influential music. The energy in that studio was still there. Dormant, but definitely perceptible to the spiritually discerning. Being a huge audiophile and incessant critic of the collective Black community's influence on pop culture, that day will forever resonate with me.

This mini doc was produced as a pre-release teaser for the Dimitri From Paris double-disc compilation Get Down With The Philly Sound released on BBE Records last month. But if you're thinking this is just another garden variety, blue light special K-Mart compilation, think again. Dimitri, as always (check his Respect Is Burning - Playboy Mansion comps), has done his homework. He did re-edits to five of the tracks...straight for the original multitrack masters! At any rate, this mini doc is packed with knowledge from the masters of the game. Featuring interviews from Joe Tarsia, Earl Young, Vincent Montana, Bobby Eli, and Weldon McDougal. What's the matter? Those names don't sound familiar? Go do your homework. Then, go cop Get Down With The Philly Sound.

Ghana...let's make it happen!!

The least expected always manage to take us by surprise. Ghana owns the distinction of being the sole African nation to make it to the final 16. Tomorrow, they battle the USA. Who will you be rooting for?

Côte d'Ivoire Gets It In!

Talk about going out with a bang!

Even though they won't be making it to the final 16, this match against North Korea showed their tenacity. Too bad. I'm going to say a few Hail Marys and pray to the ancestors that Les Éléphants do the damn thing in 2014!!!

Remembering The Time: MJJ


Your legacy has left an indelible impression on the world-at-large.
Thank you for the precious gifts you bore.
May your journey be peaceful and radiant

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Africa Sound Power: Football Music

So the Vuvuzela is getting hated on something serious, journalists and visiting players are being robbed left and right at their hotels and on the streets, and it looks like none of the continent's teams will stand a chance in hell at the first World Cup hosted in their own backyard. Life's great for Africa right about now, isn't it? Here's some sounds from the continent to help ease the pain:

Africa Plays On from the 2006 Fifa World Cup.

Not exactly from the continent, but funky football music nonetheless. The Football EP featuring Soulpatrol (2006) from Compost Records.

I know, I know. This has absolutely nothing to do with football, but I just had to throw this one in there. I mean, come on...he's a young cat from South Africa doing his thing on the electronic scene! Joburg's own Spoek Mathambo! His debut album Mshini Wam is due out on BBE Records this Fall! Check out his first single, "Gwababa (Don't Be Scared)":

SPOEK MATHAMBO & MSHINI WAM - GWABABA (DON'T BE SCARED) from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Download some of his mixtapes here.

And of course, there's Somalian born K'naan's "Waving Flag," the official theme of the 2010 World Cup games. The World Cup version features Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Prez: Turn Off The Radio, Volume 4.

In anticipation of their upcoming 3rd studio album Information Age, M-1 and Stic Man (a.k.a. Sticky Icky) give you Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz. The 4th mixtape installment in their Turn Off The Radio series, Dead Prez tap Philly's own DJ Drama to do the honors. I always support these dudes. They remind me that all Hip-Hop is not, as Aloe Blacc so succinctly noted, "a young man's tool for magnifying his ego." Hip-Hop is still a tool for empowerment. Hard to believe these dudes have been at it for a decade now. Crossfading the bounce of Southern Hip-Hop with the legacy of Public Enemy and X-Clan. But it's even harder to believe that there aren't more young cats following their lead. Hip-Hop needs balance desperately. Other than A-Alikes and Immortal Technique, what Hip-Hop acts can you name that are still freedom riders? I'm waiting...

More info about Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz here.

When SNL Was The Joint: 1981.

Who knew that when the Funky 4 + 1 appeared on this episode of Saturday Night Live in February of 1981 that Hip-Hop would soon be a regular fixture on network television. This episode was the harbinger of things to come. Sha Rock, Jazzy Jeff & crew were the first Hip-Hop act to appear on SNL. Invited by Blondie's own Debbie Harry, who was riding high on the shock waves of their own Hip-Hop inflected #1 hit single "Rapture" released a month prior to the airing of this episode, Funky 4 + 1 were definitely seen as a privileged brood to catapult from New Jersey-based seminal Hip-Hop indie label Sugar Hill Records to being the first Hip-Hop act (or "street rappers," as Harry puts it) to appear on a nationally televised program. Even their label mates the Sugar Hill Gang didn't get to Soul Train to perform their wildly successful and pivotal 1979 hit "Rapper's Delight" until May of that year...two full years after its release:

Unfortunately, the Funky 4 + 1's high would be short lived. Funky 4 would be no more less than two years later, leaving "That's The Joint" and this SNL appearance as their main claim to fame. Though their showmanship here is a bit lackluster, it exemplifies arguably the most freewheeling, earnest, effervescent period in Hip-Hop music. A fertile crescent, if you will. Two months after this performance, Rock Steady Crew alumnus Frosty Freeze (R.I.P.) would become the first B-Boy to appear on the cover of a periodical (the Village Voice). Hell, even ABC got in on the action that year, marking the first national coverage of this new "rap phenomenon":

(embedded YouTube video)

What instigated this fertile crescent, you ask? In my opinion, it was the crossbreeding of sounds and styles with the artsy downtown punk/ new wave/ no wave crowd. The unyielding support (in a theoretical matter of speaking) of indie labels. The accessible, yet dangerous performance venues like Disco Fever that were available to artists. The cautious, yet burgeoning interest from mainstream acts. A great city in the throes of decay, its denizens searching for new modes of self expression. All these variables lead to the advent of the "ghetto superstar" as it pertained to this new thing called Hip-Hop. These same variables set the template for artists to follow in the decades to come. And 29 years later, with recent noteworthy performances from the likes of Lil' Wayne & Jay-Z, SNL hasn't lost any steam on the Hip-Hop train in its 35 seasons to date. Where is Hip-Hop going in terms of mainstream appeal, you ask? Good question. But just looking back at this clip give a point of reference to the genesis of that appeal. Just think. It all started with this one performance.

::Dear Yakubu Aiyegbeni::

(YouTube video embedded)

You have officially disgraced not only Nigeria, but the entire African diaspora with this epic fail. My disappointment is beyond words. I'm sure your sabotaging of the Super Eagles' victory has put you in high regard amongst your fellow teammates. Do better in 2014.

Friday, June 18, 2010

::Video Of The Day::

Downtown Manhattan in the late 70s and early 80s was a fertile period chocked full of mixed media art experimentation, musical genre bending, and overall artistic cross pollination. Not Quite Love is but a mere example of what was going on at the time. It's 5 minutes of urban noir that plays out in several haunts in the downtown scene like the iconic Mudd Club. It's almost as if one of the regular kids from the Sesame Street soundstage in Queens played hooky and started hanging out with John Cassavetes, Gus Van Zant, and Jim Jarmusch. It's reported that this was the genesis of the seminal downtown scene film Downtown 81 starring Jean Michel Basquiat. Pretty interesting stuff.

::Joint Of The Day::

One of the baddest skaters on guitar...and vibes...and drums. Simultaneously, even.


Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout!! Even though it got a little tense for a minute, we came through!! Here's one for you:

Note to national team: the song was selected simply on the basis of the song title fitting today's match with Slovenia. However, please do not heed the enclosed lyrics that advise you to do the following:

1. Pick up your guns.
2. Refuse to play ball.

Thank you.

::Alife Rivington Club ♥'s FIFA 2010::

Not one to miss out on yet another way to cash in on FIFA-monium and pander to their hype beast contingent, Alife presents the A.R.C. Umbro World Champions Space. This is actually the second week of this venture and I'm sure their little courtyard is filled to the brim with more hipsters than you can shake a stick at. But hey, if you love to knock back a few cold brewskis while watching the game, I'm sure this will appeal to you and your ilk for one specific reason: Red Stripe is a co-sponsor.

Not sure if Umbro will be giving away any free swag, but that's kind of irrelevant. Because in a dense metropolitan city where there are droves of jobless twenty and thritysomethings roaming the city suffering the throes of a floundering job market and a recession, a free spot to watch football matches is...a free space to watch football matches. Period. Besides, you might run into the second "hottest" rapper in the game while you're there.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

::Fela X MJ::

Pop your funk to this new mash-up mixtape. Yes. I just used two pop culture terms that have worn out their welcome over the past few years. But hey, this is a special occasion. When two majestic icons like Fela Kuti and Michael Jackson meet (albeit posthumously) there is bound to be some fire. Do yourself a favor and download the free The King Meets The President In Africa mixtape. Not now...RIGHT now. Rich Medina & The Marksmen get it in on this one. Seriously.

And if you're in NYC, catch Rich Medina at a special edition of Jump N' Funk featuring Fela's legendary drummer, Tony Allen...TONIGHT at LE POISSON ROUGE!!!

BTW, congrats to Bill T. Jones and the entire cast and crew of the Broadway musical FELA! for winning 3 Tony Awards on June 13th!! ASHE!!!

::Puma City NYC ♥'s FIFA 2010::

Ok, I admit it. I've only been an entry level football fan (that's soccer to all you Americans out there) since my voyage to Brasil a few years ago. But alas, I'm a football fan without cable. Being that the entire world is in the midst of the 2010 World Cup, I've suddenly found myself in dire need of a place to watch the games on a pretty consistent basis. Most of my friends with cable would probably whup my arse should I even think about trying to invade their space at 7AM to scream and holler at a football match on TV.

The only other alternative would be the various bars that have started opening early in the morning for the month of FIFA to cater to the international football crowd. Since I didn't want to feel obligated to nurse on beer for 5 or 6 hours while watching the games on widescreen LCDs (definitely not a big drinker), I was forced to miss a few crucial games this week.

However, I received further proof that there is in fact a god. Puma's concept space Puma City is the latest manifestation of his/ her glory. Located at South Street Seaport, Puma City is a funky little spot utilizing converted intermodal shipping containers (emblazoned with Puma's logo) that is showing all the games throughout the duration of FIFA 2010. In addition, there's all kinds of other stuff to get into between games and at the end of the night.

For more info, hit up the Puma City site. Needless to say, I'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning for the USA vs Slovenia game! KeNako!!

::Lyrical Lampoon: Drake::

Never in a million years would I have thought that I, a college graduate and self described intellectual, would hear a pop record that referenced Bob Marley, Dead Prez, and Rosetta Stone...and come away feeling like I only had a 5th grade education by the end of the song. And by the way, that's not a compliment to the author.

Excerpts from Drake's single, "Over."

I shouldn’t’ve drove, tell me how I’m gettin’ home.
You too fine to be layin’ down in bed alone.
I could teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone.
I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.

One thing ’bout music, when it hits you feel no pain.
And I swear I got that shit that make these bitches go insane.
So they tell me that they love me, I know better than that, it’s just game.
It’s just what comes with the fame, and I’m ready for that, I’m just sayin’.

Drake, you hereby receive the penalty of the gas face by decree of the Superbizzee Chronicles board of directors. There is absolutely no excuse for lazy metaphors. Do better next time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

::Diggin' The Scene::

(embedded YouTube video)

I can't tell you how many times this clip has brightened my day. With all the not-quite-right Jheri curls and JC Penny rayon outfits on set, I'm sure the fire marshall would have been all too happy to shut this mutha-sucka down. Wedged somewhere between Soul Train and James Brown's Future Shock was The Scene: a Detroit TV dance party that ran from 1975 to 1987 on Detroit network affiliate stations. So far, I've only seen excerpts from a few of the 80s episodes. I'm guessing that the earlier episodes weren't taped (as was the case with Soul Train's earlier episodes). But at least we have some documentation of this locally influential dance show, in all its awkward glory. A bit awkward even for Andre Cymone:

(embedded YouTube video)

But to be honest, The Scene is the jawn. I mean, seriously: where else can you go and boogie down a bootleg Soul Train line with an unplugged electric guitar as a prop? Exactly!! Get up on The Scene here and here.

::FIFA: Urugray VS South Africa::

Somebody got spanked today.

Question: How do you get your arse beat in your own back yard?
Answer: Ask Bafana Bafana.

Pure Hell = Sirius Schidt.

I'm literally kicking myself in the ass right now. Can't believe I just passed this up on vinyl less than 24 hrs ago in Philly. Pure Hell ain't nuthin' to f%*k wit. Real talk.


I'm just sayin'. I was all ready and willing to forgive you for this Kenny Blank/ Tevin Campbell-esque hurr-do...had you scored at least one goal against Portugal yesterday:

But you done gone and muff'd it up. Even the hair braiders on 125th got beef with you now. Sad state of affairs, homie. Just...sad.

Friday, June 11, 2010



The games will run from today, June 11th through July 11th. For more information, visit the FIFA website!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::R.I.P. Cousin Benny::

(embedded YouTube video)
09.26.1963 – 05.30.2010
Your legacy has left an indelible impression on the world-at-large.

Thank you for the precious gifts you bore.

May your journey be peaceful and radiant

Note: To a cousin who so unselfishly gave his great talents to a world that he left too soon.
There is solace in knowing that you did not leave with your music still inside you.
I know Footz is up there lacing your effervescent, glorious trumpet solo with the tightest socket beat ever heard. Until we meet again, keep them Cabbage-Patching in heaven. Ashe.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

::Ultimate Breaks & Beats...on USB?!::

Ok. How in the HELL did I miss this one?!

Looks like the folks over at Street Beat Records gallantly glided into the 21st century two years ago with this nifty USB thumb drive jam packed with the entire 25 volume set of the seminal crate digger's we dream: Ultimate Breaks & Beats. The year prior, they released a CD/ DVD version of this. At the risk of soiling my digger's dossier, I must admit I was never educated on these lauded volumes. I learned the art of trainspotting samples through the extensive and eclectic collections of my parents, relatives, and friends as a shortie.

Upon discovering the re-pressings at the now sadly defunct Beat Street, I made it a point to purchase one and slowly begin to collect the entire lot. Unfortunately, Beat Street shut down before I could complete the mission.

But this new ("new" to me, that is) USB configuration just might make me abort that mission. Initially priced between $75-$105, this joint is kind of hard to find at the moment. The initial production is surely sold out and I'm almost positive that they haven't produced any new ones in the past year. If you can find it, and you're an anal collector like me, snag it! But I'm so super late on this one, I'm not even going to post a link. Google it.

Ultimate Breaks & Beats

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::Ancestry.In.Progress::R.I.P. Gary Coleman::


Your legacy has left an indelible impression on the world-at-large.
Thank you for the precious gifts you bore.
May your journey be peaceful and radiant.

Note: When I chose Gary as the mascot for my blog, it was largely due to the good cheer he inspired in me as a child. It was also partially attributed to the fact that Gary's lovable character Arnold Jackson was the first television character that I, as a young Black kid, could identify with on many levels. At the juncture of Gary Coleman and Arnold Jackson, I saw the possibility of transcending my own socioeconomic circumstances and actualizing my potential. Whether rushing to the television upon hearing the first line of the theme song or doubled over in laughter at Gary's antics, Diff'rent Strokes was one of my many weekly highlights for several years. When I started this blog, it never occurred to me that he would be departing this world so soon. But I am certain that his spirit is at infinite peace in a realm where the pain, ridicule, neglect and transgressions he incurred are distant, incidental memories. Thank you, Gary Coleman, for giving a little Black boy like me an inkling of an idea of what it means to be young, gifted, and Black. Ashe.

(embedded YouTube video)

::Joint of the day:: Kelis "4th Of July (Fireworks)"::

Yes. Kelis is weird. We know. But, hell, she's been that way since she made her debut 11 years ago. And you can't front on the fact that her special brand of Black girl weird adds to her appeal and makes her unique (Black girls ROCK, btw). I personally champion it. Can't say I'm a fan of her entire catalog. But her self expression as an artist never ceases to intrigue me. Her fifth album Flesh Tone is due out early next month on Will.i.Am's Interscope-distributed label. The lead single "Acapella" reached the top spot on Billboard's dance chart and her latest fashion and creative visual concepts have made an, um, "impression" on blogs all over the net:

Artwork from the Flesh Tone CD booklet.

And apparently, she doesn't give a good goddamn:

(Props to Parlour.)

Yet while "Acapella" did little in the way of whetting my appetite for the new record, the second single "4th Of July (Fireworks)" was definitely a pleasant surprise. It's a dope little Euro-dance romp retrofitted with a funky French house strut. Kinda dope, actually. Take a listen. You make the call.

:::FREE DOWNLOAD::The Stuyvesants:::

From the title of this post, I'm sure your clever little minds have already drawn the craziest of conclusions as to what gem I'm about to serendipitously drop on you. The long lost Biggie Smalls - Jay Z collabo album? The musical tour-de-force of the 4th generation funky hipster progeny of 17th century NYC big wig Peter Stuyvesant? Hmm. Maybe not. Maybe I should let Darien Victor Birks of FWRPT.COM explain the design/ music joint venture:

The Stuyvesants is a project created, developed, and executed by myself, Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt), and Allan Cole (Algorythm). We brought our talents together to produce 25 instrumentals, t-shirts, logos and graphics which capture the sound and visuals of the 60's and 70's, an era that inspires so much of the music and design that we've grown to love. We've done this under the moniker "The Stuyvesants", paying homage to our current place of residence, which is the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. It's been a year of putting this project together, and now it's ready for the world to experience.

The tracks are aurally scrump-diddly-umptious and the design is visually supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I suggest you head over to The Stuyvesants site to get the full experience. Download the album for FREE. Cop a t-shirt. Or simply show your appreciation and kick the fellas a lil sum'n sum'n on Paypal. But by all means, show 'em some love! Overall: dope conceptual project. They wholeheartedly get my stamp of approval!