Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nas & DJ Green Lantern present...The Ni@@er Tape.

Just saw the video for "Be A Ni@@a Too" and I must say...it brought more confusion than clarity:

But that's just how I felt personally. Sorry, I just don't get the message. The song didn't strike me as profound when I heard it, and the video didn't seal the deal for me either. But I'm sure the internet will be rife with faux intellectual musings waxing poetic on Nas' prolific cinematic/ lyrical statement. Just give it a few more hours.

In the meantime, I'll spare you the migraine-inducing philosophical drivel. Instead, here's the much rumored mixtape. See what all the sensationalism is all about. The floor is officially open for discussion:

Download The Ni@@er Tape

In related news, it looks like Def Jam reneged on plans for the original album title (big surprise). Here's the alternate album cover, which aims to be just as controversial:

Guess we'll have to wait till July 1st to see what the brouhaha (a.k.a. publicity stunt) is really all about...or just bank on the inevitable leak. I mean...it is a Hip-Hop album...right?

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