Tuesday, December 2, 2008

::Tom Morello fights the power...again::

Tom Morello
The Nightwatchman: The Fabled City (Epic)

I need y'all to give me a late pass for this one. Yeah, this jumpy is three months old. But when I saw the cover of this one the other day I was definitely intrigued, to say the least. I was like, "AWWW, SHUCKY DUCKY! TOM MORELLO DONE TURN'T BLACK NATIONALIST!" I just knew he was going to have guest appearances from Chuck D, Paris, Kam, Dead Prez, and N.Y. Oil. So much for dreams, right? Considering his personal background (his Kenyan father was a revolutionary in the Mau Mau rebellion who later became the country's first UN delegate; his uncle was Jomo Kenyatta, first president of independent Kenya; his long time activist mother founded Parents For Rap and Rock, a pimp slap to Tipper Gore's preposterous Parents Music Resource Center committee), it was inevitable that Morello would get back to creating music with a profound message. If you ask me, him and Zach de la Rocha should just do us all a big favor: get Rage Against The Machine back in the studio for another album. The Audioslave concept just sucked. I'll give this one a few spins. Thoughts:soon:come.

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