Thursday, August 6, 2009

::Whitney Houston: "Million Dollar Bill" (snippet)::

Apparently, the 80s princess of pop is back in the saddle. Again. Unveiled to select celebrities and members of the press at lavish listening events in NYC, Los Angeles, and London, Whitney Houston's 6th studio album I Look To You is said to be her strongest full-length effort in years. And while I usually take PR buzz with a grain of salt, "Million Dollar Bill" has me intrigued to say the least. The throwback feel of this track leans heavily upon the sound of Philly female disco trio First Choice and the Patrick Adams underground dance funk empire. Helmed by Swizz Beats:

...and his romantic muse of the past few years, Alicia Keys:

...the track definitely has that "get-yo'-ass-out-yo'-seat" roller disco appeal. Unfortunately, the snippet is truncated just as the chorus begins to build. Not sure if this is a single or a buzz track, but if this is any indication of what Whitney's got up her sleeve (save for the sappy R. Kelly-penned title track)...I'm inclined to believe the PR hype. Stay tuned...

Download here.

I Look To You in stores & online August 31st!

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S.O Dedewo said...

although I've listened to it once liked the album. We were playing it at work the other day 'million dollar bill' was good :)