Sunday, October 24, 2010

GuSHee is the Future.

Whenever I hear about fearless Black folks stretching out in the full range of their creative genius, I'm immediately interested. Whether I actually like the art or not is irrelevant. The fact that the some Black folk have the gumption to buck trend and push the envelope always inspires my higher self and gives hope for the future generations. Black artists have always been in a purgatory state, smacked from the right with the pressure to perpetuate the mainstream stereotypes and sucker punched from the left to "stay in your lane" and "get money." Black folks are a diverse and dynamic people. To be beholden to a monolithic consciousness and aesthetic is ludicrous. We express ourselves in a myriad of ways. None of them any less "Black" than the other.

Which brings me to GuSHee. When I first heard about the early sketchings of this duo last year, my ears involuntarily perked up. Comprised of the otherworldly beatsmith and Red Bull Music Academy alumni Pursuit Grooves and Toronto-based soundscape artist Pro-EF, GuSHee is definitely on some other ship! And even though they're a dope musical collaboration, that's only one aspect of it. They're also making inroads into the curatorial world. From the Western hemisphere and beyond. Their understanding and manipulation of electronic music production is unparalleled. So all you museums, art galleries, and festivals, GET AT EM!!! Check their music on the link above. And remember...GuSHee is the future.


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