Thursday, September 20, 2007

.:Public access TV makes an ass out of you and me:.

Ya never ceases to amaze me how people sit and rant about how there's never anything good to watch on TV. Most of the time we just channel surf through the 100+ cable stations that are more or less predictable in content. After a while, that shit gets real mundane. So why not stop your bellyachin' and flip over to your local public access TV station. Aside from the obvious amateur camera work and drab sets, the shows on public access have more comedic value than the funniest episode of Family Guy. Don't believe me? Watch this:

John Daker is a soldier. For real. This dude obviously had no on-camera experience, yet Mr. Daker STILL managed to keep a poker face throughout his whole performance. Ok, maybe diarrhea face is more like it. And even though he missed a line here and there, it added to the overall effect. Seriously, this could have been a skit on SNL (when it was still funny). And let's not forget Mrs. Reva Cooper. Something about this lady strongly suggests she may have knocked back a few before she came on set. In short, this two and a half minutes of entertainment from this starched, church-going brood was more fulfilling than Britney Spears' MVA fiasco.

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Alexyss K. Tylor is one of a kind. Homegirl redefines the term "real talk." She embodies the straight forward candor of Lawanda Page and Millie Jackson, the research of Dr. Ruth, and the militant spirit of Sista Souljah, making for a very engaging character. Interestingly enough, she makes it work. And please believe this ain't homegirl's first or last video. Google her and you'll find out. Even though most of her research is probably grassroots (read: street) based versus academic, alot of what she says seems to ring true with most of my female friends who've seen this. Hell, some of them even said they'd rather watch her over Oprah. Some folks might say, "How did she get a show with such explicit content?!" Man if Robyn Byrd got herself a show, then ANYBODY can! BTW...the older lady on set with Alexyss is her mama...

Everybody's got an uncle like Darondo. You know the one that comes to the summer family cookouts dressed in a leisure suit accented with an ascot. Sporting a pinky ring big as a house and a gold tooth that blinds small children when it catches the sun. Ah, yes. The OG playa pimp. If you can relate, then your uncle was definitely cut from the same cloth as Darondo. This is an excerpt from his 80s public access TV show based in LA. Everything about this set up screams porno. At any given moment, you just know a menage trios is going to jump off. But Darondo keeps it playa. A suave, debonair ladies man for all seasons. It's safe to say that him and Bishop Don "Magic" Juan used to run together back in the day. All jokes aside: Darondo might be a trainwreck of a TV host, but he can sang his ass off. Check Ubiquity Records' website for the reissue collection of some of his funkiest 70s tracks.

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