Thursday, February 19, 2009

::Band Of Brothers::

I've been listening to this album all week. Non-stop. Seriously. It's so crazy to think that if it wasn't for some crate digging audiophile nerd like myself, this gem wouldn't have even seen the light of day. I've been in Google mode with these kats for the past two weeks and managed to glean some pretty brow raising info. Like the fact that Clive Davis tried to sign these guys near the end of his Columbia Records tenure, but the guys balked at his suggestion to change their name. Or that scant copies of the original 1976 indie 7" pressing of "Politicians In My Eyes" usually fetch handsome sums between $600 and $1,000. Yeah. Exactly.

Some lucky bastard in the blogosphere (Dan Bolles @ Seven Days Blogs) got the chance to interview Death lead vocalist and bassist Bobby Hackney Sr. in December. Here's the link. Pretty dope Q&A. Hopefully this release from Chicago-based indie Drag Records will shine a little more light on the pink elephant called Black rock. Because no matter how many Lenny Kravitz records you dump onto your iPod, it will never measure up to the mountains of lost and forgotten treasure that got shunned simply because it didn't fit into a viable box. Pick up a copy of the Death album ...For the Whole World To See on CD or vinyl.


Phate said...

song is pretty awesome...i just realized uve been checkin out the blog das wassup

Superbizzee said...

Yeah, the whole album is fire. BTW...what blog would that be, man?