Thursday, February 19, 2009

::A Requiem for Dilla. A Rose For Ms. Yancey::

By now you know that every February for the past 3 years since his death, Dilla celebrations commence in major cities across the globe like clockwork. You know that the indelible impression he left on hip hop is felt by heads from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, you probably also know about the legal entanglements involving his estate. The insurmountable medical bills he left behind. His legion of recording artist friends rhyming and singing over posthumous instrumentals on their albums in attempts to alleviate the financial strain on his family. It is true that with greatness comes responsibility. Unfortunately, Dilla's rich legacy has allowed a far too literal interpretation of this cliche.

On February 3rd, lauded hip-hop photographer and director B+ in tandem with Carlos NiƱo and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson released Suite For Ma Dukes EP on iTunes. I know, I know. While I'm sure many of you may feel you've exhausted yourself on Dilla donation drives and tributes, feast your ears on what appears to be more than just another Dilla homage project. The Suite For Ma Dukes EP is comprised solely of orchestral renditions of four select Dilla productions: "Find My Way," "Fall In Love," "Nag Champa," and "Antiquity".

Priced at $3.96, proceeds from the EP will go to Dilla's mom Ms. Maureen Yancey. If you're in LA, the concert performance of this EP will be held at the Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State University on February 22nd:


Judging from the EP, this seems like an interesting approach to honoring Dilla's legacy. Any Cali folks planning on attending, feel free to chime in with the full report after this weekend. In the meantime, cop the digital EP on iTunes here. For all you vinyl lovers, Mochilla will be releasing a limited vinyl version of the EP in April. Stay tuned to their website for details.

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Phate said...

wow das wassup i cant wait to hear the find a way and fall in love rendition two of my many fav dilla beats