Monday, January 25, 2010


"This series has forced me to look at the seasons and
time in a different way, they're like theme music."
- Oddisee

Everybody who knows me realizes just how hard I am on artists from my hometown. Just because you're from the D.C. area, does not mean that I will show you love by default. Sorry. I still like good art, and my standards remain matter which of the four corners of the earth you're from. But I'll ride for my dude Oddisee 'till the wheels fall off. No games.

I think he's part of the next crop of young MPC stunners cementing themselves as central to furthering and expanding the parameters of hip-hop production. He's shown pretty good growth as a producer and is pretty dope MC too. He's been grinding out mixtapes, albums, group projects, guest spots, and production credits for the better part of 5 years now. His hustle is quite grizzly. And the Odd Winter album, the sequential follow up to 2009's seasonal odes Odd Summer and Odd Autumn EPs, is but a sample of that raw fire.

Don't believe me? Download the album for free at his Bandcamp site here. His next full-length instrumental album, Traveling Man, will be available for digital download Tuesday, January 26th and vinyl pressing on February 23rd! Bang back with your thoughts.

[embedded YouTube video]

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