Wednesday, February 27, 2008

::Cop that: Muhsinah Day.Break 2.0::

If you haven't bought this one yet, you're playing yourself. No...seriously. Muhsinah's the shit. All Georgia Anne Muldrow comparisons aside, she's dope as the most pure, uncut. I remember when I first heard "Discovery" a year ago. Wow. Those moments are rare. And when they happen, you just thank God for the gift of life. For inspiring someone to create a piece of art that speaks to your being and moves you. It was a quasi-transcendental experience, y'all. And I'm not just giving props because she's from my hometown. This Howard U alumna is actually worth her weight in gold.

I've heard a few critics attempt to genre brand her style as "experimental soul." Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that, but all it takes is one person to get the ball rolling and the next thing you know it's part of pop culture vernacular. Hell...Jerry Wexler, in his journalism days, transformed "race records" into "rhythm & blues" with a single article. Anyway, some folks may find her stuff to be an acquired taste. Those who have been weaned on a steady diet of Keyshia Cole and R. Kelly may find Muhsinah a bit...odd. But that don't mean you might not find something that appeals to you over this way. Open your mind and jump on in.

It's unconventional, yet familiar at the same time. The beats, which she also produces herself with the help of her trusty MPC, are otherworldly and her vocals and sense of harmonics are very visceral. Note: those that copped the iTunes version that came out in December will be surprised that this 2.0 version has been tweaked a little. There's the original version of "Construction" in lieu of the remix "Reconstruct," and the added cuts "Psycholan" (which uses a convoluted sample of Bobbi Humphrey's "Just A Love Child") and "Yiy." If you're in NYC, Fat Beats got some copies.

Here, lemme upgrade ya to version 2.0:

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