Wednesday, February 27, 2008

::MURS emerges from the underground?::

When I was checking the record bins at Fat Beats today, this cover caught my attention even though it was only in my peripheral vision. I thought to myself:

"DAMN! Folk done resorted to mocking my main man Basquiat to sell records nowadays!"

But I guess I hadn't been paying attention to my man MURS for a minute. The last time I peeped him was around 2005, when him and and Slug put out the Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet record...which was dope as all hell.

That shit still gets major play on my iPhone.

MURS has been on my radar for some time, though. Even though most West Coast MCs generally miss me with their rhymes, he's actually a hell of a storyteller and his flow is real concise. I think I'm diggin' dude because he reminds me of The Pharcyde. Wait...his locks actually remind me of Slim Kid Tre. Damn...ain't the mind funny? Anyway, turns out this is the first single from his upcoming Warner Bros. Records debut Murs For President. Hmm...Warner seems to be trying to shock the monkey as of late. Last year, they snatched up Hip-Hop underdog Talib Kweli and released his third solo album Eardrum. They're also supposed to be releasing Jean Grae's next album. And for the icing on the cake, as many of y'all might already know, they signed underground buzz wunderkids J*Davey to a deal last year.

But maybe MURS should have talked to J*Davey before he inked his deal. Their relationship with the label seems to be in flux due to some "creative" differences. But let's not put negative energy into the universe. I'm just glad that folks that are dope finally get a shot at one of the major labels...even if they're all about as dependable and sturdy as marina of sinking ships.
At any rate, check the video for his first single "Best Of The Best." The video treatment is a nice play on the song title, especially since we're in an election year that is probably the most interesting one we've seen in our lifetime thus far. If only MURS had put in his bid for the candidacy a bit earlier. Ah...c'est la vie:

By the way...check the B-side "Dreadlocks" to hear MURS wax poetic on the subject of his tresses.

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