Thursday, August 26, 2010

Film: The Warriors @ Landmark Sunshine (NYC) August 27 & 28

Anyone who knows me understands how fanatical I am about this flick. It ranks in the top 5 on my list of all-time favorite films. The Warriors. One of the best cinematic illustrations of the New York City of yesteryear. Crime was rampant, the Bronx was burning, SAMO channeled Confucius on building walls, 42nd street was a Disneyland of sex shops, Thompkins Square Park was a sprawling outdoor squatter camp, and Koch was the king of it all. Gang culture was also at an all-time high. The Warriors is a gripping document of the wasteland of a bygone era that many transplants still try to evoke.

The New York City of today is a far cry from the token turnstiles and economic meltdown of the late 70s. But something about the nexus of Sol Yurick, Walter Hill, and David Shaber makes us yearn for the dystopia of those dismal days. At any rate, Landmark Sunshine in tandem with WNYU and the Village Voice are putting on their yearly screening of The Warriors as part of their ongoing Sunshine At Midnight series this Friday and Saturday night. Click here for more info...


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