Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Life & Times of Sailor Jerry: Frank 151 X Rooftop Films present a FREE movie screening, August 7th (NYC)!!

Frank 151 has definitely been diversifying their brand over the past 5 years. Their theme-oriented mini mags have become collector's items in their own right. Now with a series of limited run fitted caps and a full-fledged barber salon, they've really redefined what it means to step your game up. This Saturday, They're hosting a screening of a documentary on the life of the sea-faring, spiced rum making, tattoo legend Norman K. Collins...a.k.a. Sailor Jerry. Even though his supposed political views were a little of his proteges is Ed Hardy. While Ed's Christian Audigier incarnations have become more than a bore to me, his pop culture influence is undeniable. Besides, it's always interesting to see the progenitor of a pop icon's style.

I've been passing by the Fine Line Tattoo parlor for years now. It's right in my neighborhood in the East Village, one block from the F train. Those guys have been there since before I was born. Literally: they opened in 1976. Being that most of them are old enough to be my dad, the tattooists all seem to always have some sort of war story or anecdote to share from decades of inking. I'm sure there's a tale about how Keith Richards stumbled in drunk one night in the late 70s and asked for his mom's likeness to be branded on his left ass cheek. Or maybe how they got their practice as newbies on unassuming, nodding addicts staggering on their way to Thompkins Square Park. Hmm. That would make for a great story.

But I digress. This Saturday, Frank 151, in tandem with Rooftop Films, will screen Erich Weiss' documentary flim Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry for $FREE.99!! Apparently, it was screened for the good folks at SXSW this year and got rave reviews (whatever that means). The screening is supposed to be followed by a live performance by a "special guest." Whoever that is. Wouldn't hurt to RSVP. You just might get in. Check out the trailer for yourself:

More info here.

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