Sunday, November 16, 2008

::Actors Ternt Sangas::

How do y'all feel about these albums so far? It's been about two months and I'm still trying to get my words together.

Wayne Brady
A Long Time Coming
(Peak Records)

Terrence Howard
Shine Through It
(Sony BMG Records)

I gotta give Terrence props for taking the least beaten path for his debut album, being that he could have taken the easy road and did a Jamie Foxx. Kinda reminds me of the left-of-center direction Darius Rucker's debut took. It's dope that Terrence can play guitar and piano, but the vocals are a bit whiskey-worn and uninspiring even for my taste. And while neither of these records are particularly my cup of tea, I'm just grateful that Terrence didn't have Three 6 Mafia droppin' hot 16's all over the place...and that Wayne resisted the urge to utilize a smack-a-bitch pimp interlude here and there.

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