Friday, November 7, 2008


For all you Obama junkies who haven't already accumulated enough memorabilia branded with his mug, here's a chance to cop some free stickers from Cali-based graphic artist Shepard Fairey (a.k.a. OBEY)!! He re-freaked his original design, retooling the original "Yes We Can" slogan into "Yes We Did." Each person gets one sticker per request, 5 for a contribution of $3, and 50 for a donation of $20. Click here for the offer.

This generous offer is brought to you by the lovely folks at Many of you may remember MoveOn as the political action organization that "gave away" the Obama shirts for donations of $12 or more:

That was a short lived offer, so if you got your shirt...hold on to it!

BTW...there's a limited run of 5,000 numbered posters of the sticker graphic going on sale in about an hour or so. Offered in both signed and unsigned form, these b*tches are kinda pricey either way. Click here for more info.

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