Saturday, November 8, 2008

::ZO and Tigallo::Staining Pillowcases and Rockin' Keytar Solos Since 1986::

Man, how in the hell did I miss this one! About 6 months ago, Phonte (of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange fame) teamed up with DC-based producer ZO and put out 2,500 copies of this EP of 80's covers. The songs are dope, but the cover had me ROTFL! It's almost as bad as the Ol' Dirty Bastard album cover for Ni**a Please:

Phonte & ZO was on some Jesse Johnson's Revue-meets-Timex Social Club throwback sh*t for this one! Something deep down inside tells me I should scream out "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE" when go see them in concert! Anyway...even though I'm like 6 months late, this sh*t is still noteworthy. Check the songs on their Myspace page. The Trackademicks remix of "Steppin' Out" is kinda fly. Cop the EP at the Fatbeats website.

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