Friday, June 18, 2010

::Alife Rivington Club ♥'s FIFA 2010::

Not one to miss out on yet another way to cash in on FIFA-monium and pander to their hype beast contingent, Alife presents the A.R.C. Umbro World Champions Space. This is actually the second week of this venture and I'm sure their little courtyard is filled to the brim with more hipsters than you can shake a stick at. But hey, if you love to knock back a few cold brewskis while watching the game, I'm sure this will appeal to you and your ilk for one specific reason: Red Stripe is a co-sponsor.

Not sure if Umbro will be giving away any free swag, but that's kind of irrelevant. Because in a dense metropolitan city where there are droves of jobless twenty and thritysomethings roaming the city suffering the throes of a floundering job market and a recession, a free spot to watch football matches is...a free space to watch football matches. Period. Besides, you might run into the second "hottest" rapper in the game while you're there.

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