Thursday, June 17, 2010

::Fela X MJ::

Pop your funk to this new mash-up mixtape. Yes. I just used two pop culture terms that have worn out their welcome over the past few years. But hey, this is a special occasion. When two majestic icons like Fela Kuti and Michael Jackson meet (albeit posthumously) there is bound to be some fire. Do yourself a favor and download the free The King Meets The President In Africa mixtape. Not now...RIGHT now. Rich Medina & The Marksmen get it in on this one. Seriously.

And if you're in NYC, catch Rich Medina at a special edition of Jump N' Funk featuring Fela's legendary drummer, Tony Allen...TONIGHT at LE POISSON ROUGE!!!

BTW, congrats to Bill T. Jones and the entire cast and crew of the Broadway musical FELA! for winning 3 Tony Awards on June 13th!! ASHE!!!

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