Monday, June 28, 2010


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Although I've had this one for about 4 months now, I'm a little late on bringing it to your attention. Please don't pull my tastemaker card. Being that it's a project that's still just getting to folks, it should actually redeem me. It's a collaboration between the wizardry of beat maker Gaslamp Killer and the sage-like scowling of vocalist/ emcee Sumach a.k.a. Gonjasufi. You may know Gonjasufi from the track "Testament" off of Flying Lotus' breakthrough Los Angeles album. If not, shame on you. At any rate, he's been rhyming for a minute now with roughly five indie EPs and full-lengths under his belt. Apparently this dude has had quite a few careers, including yoga instructor and DJ. But the one you should be focused on right now is that of his partnership with Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus. And though the visage of Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi looks as odd of a juxtaposition as any: a thugged-out East Indian San-Diego native with dreadlocs that also happens to practice sufism next to a particularly peculiar Zappa-esque white dude with a knack for abrasive psychedelic beats. Go figure. But and all reservations should be obliterated once you take a listen.

The fruit of their collective labor is evidenced in the spectacular, mystical Warp Records full-length, A Sufi and A Killer. It's so hard to explain, but you have to take my word for it: this sh*t is bananas! It's probably what you would find at the crossroads of existentialism, spiritualism, and the carnal, accented with road signs pointing towards Middle Eastern and Indian horizons. So dope. Seriously. This record has been in heavy rotation with me for the past two months and counting. Do yourself a favor and cop. More info here.

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