Tuesday, June 8, 2010

::Ultimate Breaks & Beats...on USB?!::

Ok. How in the HELL did I miss this one?!

Looks like the folks over at Street Beat Records gallantly glided into the 21st century two years ago with this nifty USB thumb drive jam packed with the entire 25 volume set of the seminal crate digger's we dream: Ultimate Breaks & Beats. The year prior, they released a CD/ DVD version of this. At the risk of soiling my digger's dossier, I must admit I was never educated on these lauded volumes. I learned the art of trainspotting samples through the extensive and eclectic collections of my parents, relatives, and friends as a shortie.

Upon discovering the re-pressings at the now sadly defunct Beat Street, I made it a point to purchase one and slowly begin to collect the entire lot. Unfortunately, Beat Street shut down before I could complete the mission.

But this new ("new" to me, that is) USB configuration just might make me abort that mission. Initially priced between $75-$105, this joint is kind of hard to find at the moment. The initial production is surely sold out and I'm almost positive that they haven't produced any new ones in the past year. If you can find it, and you're an anal collector like me, snag it! But I'm so super late on this one, I'm not even going to post a link. Google it.

Ultimate Breaks & Beats

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