Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jneiro Jarel Strikes Again!

Let me start off by saying that I'm a self-professed Jneiro Jarel fan. Nah. Scratch that. I'm a Jneiro Jarel groupie. I go hard, homie. Seriously. I think his sound is dope as all hell. So suffice it to say that I'm a little disappointed that this dude's output isn't nearly as prolific as I'd like it to be. He's right behind Flying Lotus and Madlib on my list of the coldest beat junkies of the first stretch of the 21st century. Various alter egos and side projects withstanding, his solo catalog could use a little creatine. But I know Fauna will whet the appetites of those like me who have been anxiously awaiting his formal return.

Now Kindred Spirits is on the cusp of releasing the first official follow up to Jneiro Jarel's 2005 gem Three Piece Puzzle. Fauna is a 12-track journey through Jneiro's splendiferous and long-standing Brazil fetish.

Not only that, but a little birdie told me that Kindred Spirits is selling the album in two different packages:

1. Vinyl album + 7" single ("Amazonica" b/w "See Them Cry") + poster.


2. CD + 7" single (same) + poster.

I'm going for the all vinyl package. With the closing of Fat Beats here in NYC, Hip-Hop vinyl shops are becoming more and more extinct. Anyway, I'm amped about this new record. Anyone who enjoys this man's work should definitely go out and cop. The indie scene needs our support the most.

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