Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Mellow, My Man: Flying Lotus

This kat is definitely tapped into an exclusive celestial wavelength. I truly believe he's a chosen messenger. Not like Moses or anything sacrilegious. Just one of the Most High's special carrier pigeons that are entrusted with something delicate and ethereal that has the potential to have a grand and glorious affect on mankind. Yeah, he's a bit of a weed head. Ok...so he's a full fledged stoner. But I'm 99.9% sure this dude has snuck some healing tones in his tracks that we've yet to uncover. Maybe.

I do think that we've yet to really comprehend the full dynamic of his true genius. Maybe he'll be fully understood in retrospect. Hopefully while he's still here. I've heard some folks describe Flying Lotus as the new Jimi Hendrix. Hmmm. I think FlyLo is the future. Skip the retro reference points, please. Why do we always have the incessant need to draw historic parallels, especially with contemporary art? Geez. But seriously...for some reason, I feel like watching Space Is The Place...

Shout outs to anybody who shelled out $122 to see him at this past weekend's Electric Zoo festival. Recession, my arse.

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