Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nixon's Art Mosh: Friday, September 17th (NYC) - RSVP NOW!!!

HAW RITE NOW! Here's another corporate sponsored attempt to beat a subculture in the head with a brand name. Usually, I'm appalled at such blatant displays of f*ckery. But in certain instances, it can be a perfect fit. This is one such instance. Nixon's watches are ill. Hands down. I'm still lusting for their woodgrain Rotolog model. Timepieces have never looked so sweet in these modern times.

This Friday, Nixon, in tandem with Mountain Dew and Vice Magazine, are putting on an art show to snuff out all other art shows. The second annual one night only Art Mosh is a art exhibition featuring photography, film, visual art, and live music performances by the likes of Ninjasonik and 2 Mandy DJs. I'm looking foward to checking out this concept in person to see how the space functions with the event. RSVP at the URL on the flyer above. See you in Chelsea...

548 W. 22nd St.
Friday, September 17th


Knaps said...

Off topic and late but an answer to your question from months ago:

Superbizzee said...

Thanks for the info, but I'd gotten on my sleuth game not long after I saw your post and found out who it was. I even went to see her perform this summer in Brooklyn ;-)

But I do appreciate you getting back to me! That's more than most bloggers attempt to do nowadays!