Monday, September 13, 2010

Puma's Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride: Saturday, September 18th (NYC)!!!

Puma is cool. In conjunction with Hudson Urban Bicycles, they're sponsoring the first annual Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride this Saturday, September 18th! Beginning at 4PM, push you pedals in downtown Manhattan with other cyclists from across the 5 boroughs.

The past few years have been landmark for cyclists in the NYC area. According to legend, we've got more bicycle lanes than any other city in this country. In 2008, Mayor Bloomberg set a new goal to stretch our current stock to 1,800 miles within a 20 year span. That'! Since I'm an avid cyclist in the spring and summer months, this is great for me. Hopefully he'll also pass legislation to fix all the sinkholes on the bike path along the FDR.

Yet and still, the past three years have been pretty good for us. In that time frame, to the delight of many cyclists, new and extended bike lanes have been popping up all over the city. Boomberg even gave the Department of Transportation the green light to sanction the Summer Streets program. And with the introduction of pedestrian plazas in Times Square, E. 23rd Street, and other spots in the city, I'm guessing - in the words of Howard Jones - things can only get better.

Come out and ride with me this Saturday. Should be fun. BTW...there's a free barbecue afterwards for the first 125 cyclists to RSVP!!!

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