Friday, July 2, 2010

Blitz The Ambassador "Ye Da Mo Ase": Ghana Black Stars Anthem

If you're in the know, I don't need to tell you that Blitz has been grinding hardcore for the past 5 years. He's has definitely been an "up-and-coming" cat to watch for on the underground NYC Hip-Hop scene for a minute. Now the native Ghanaian turns his sights to his home country's ascension to the quarter finals at the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Download his tribute to those rough & tumble footballers known as the Black Stars here. Also, some of you guys might be familiar with the documentary Bronx Princess that started making the rounds at film festivals a few years ago. Check out this clip where Blitz gives some insight on how he went about scoring the film here:

Blitz the Ambassador on scoring PBS Documentary from MVMT on Vimeo.

Check the website here for more information and future PBS broadcasts.

Ghana Black Stars! • yÉ› da mo ase (Thank you) from MVMT on Vimeo.

Being that the Black Stars are the last hope of the entire continent, I'm sure that their level of stress is at its zenith. But they're quite tenacious, so I'm sure they can take the weight.

With all that being said...don't forget to watch their game against Uruguay today @ 2:30!!!! GO BLACK STARS!!!!

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