Thursday, May 14, 2009

::Arise Magazine::

There's nothing like the feeling of finding out about something dope WAAAAAY after the fact. Especially if you fancy yourself a tastemaker. Apparently this chic African lifestyle mag has been around since late 2008. Arise Magazine, subsidiary of Nigerian media company This Day, made its official debut to the international market during New York's Fashion Week earlier this year. So far, they've got three issues under their belt.

Premier issue.

I'm anxious to see another stylish magazine from the African diaspora, being that U.K.'s Time Out-distributed Untold Magazine shuttered some years ago. Stateside mags like One World, Honey, and the fledgeling Suede also bit the dust within the past few years.

Second issue - March '09

Periodicals are suffering in general, regardless of target demographics. And now with Amazon's Kindle 2.0 and Sony's PRS-505, print media for the first time faces many of the same conundrums that the music industry is floundering in as we speak.

Third issue - May '09

Even though it's a pricey import, I'll shell out the $12 to support every now and then. If you're more familiar with this mag, chime in. For more info, check the Arise website here.

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