Thursday, May 14, 2009

::The Dangers Of Crate Digging::The Works of Stefan Glerum::

Ok, so I've resisted posting about these illustrations for about 9 months now. As creative as this series of drawings is, I thought the humor would be lost on most folks. Or maybe that's just me being a hyper sensitive crate digger trying to protect the sanctity of my practice. Eh. At any rate, it eased my worry when I found out that the illustrator who helmed these pretty dope works, Dutch artist Stefan Glerum, was himself a crate digger. And honestly enough, I can attest to the validity of many of his 13 claims on the "dangers" of crate digging. At any rate, check his blog to see full jpegs of the 13 illustrations and other works of his. He's even gone as far as making 14 X 14 prints of each illustration available for sale. Whether you think he's being too harsh or too reserved with his jesting jabs at the culture of crate digging, it should at least inspire a laugh or two. But one thing's for sure: I've been collecting records since I was a shortie. I wouldn't give a damn if you slapped a surgeon gereral's warning on every used record in the WORLD...ain't nuthin' but NUTHIN' stoppin' me from diggin'!

Check Stefan's blog here.

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