Tuesday, May 12, 2009

:.:Mos Def::"Casa Bey" (NEW VIDEO & MP3 DOWNLOAD):.:

Since becoming an "old head" (as I was recently made aware in a candid convo with my niece), I have come to appreciate the true outliers of Hip-Hop. It gets me amped to see the art form grow and flourish into positive, healthy spaces. In spite of the desert of a landscape it has found itself in, there lies a few oases within. I'm convinced that Mos Def is one of 'em. This kat keeps taking chances, despite opposing mainstream trends and consistently declining public interest in skillful thought provoking lyricism.

Skimming through the responses on the blogs and sites that posted the track, folks seem to want the old Rawkus Mos Def. They seek the pre-millenium, BlackStar, hungry-in-the-pockets kat from Bedstuy tryin' to establish a rep. That kat that blazed his guest appearances on joints by Bush Babees and De La Soul. Well...I, for one, am glad that he's grown since we've first heard his skills. I don't want an emcee who spits exactly the way he/she did 10 years ago. As long as he or she keeps that raw fire in their spirit that they had from before them checks were in the 6 figures, I'm for evolution into the stratosphere. Who are we as artists, or even people-for that matter, if we don't evolve? Just a thought.

But I won't let this turn into a rant. And I'm sure the mainstream hip-hop crowd will be satiated with his supporting role in the flick Next Day Air:

So, there. We have a lil balance. Check the video and chime in. Very unconventional, I know. But look who were discussing. Download the song from RCRD LBL here.

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