Sunday, May 31, 2009

:::Zapatista Room Exhibit (NYC)::5/29-6/09:::

I'm always moping about how most of the contemporary art I've seen from the 40-and-under group is increasingly lacking in sociopolitical zeal. Well, thank god for artist Monica Casanova. In tandem with the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Casanova has unveiled a collection of her politically charged works in the exhibition, Zapatista Room. If you don't now about the Zapatista movement in south Mexico, do yourself a favor and Netflick A Place Called Chiapas. Though Casanova, also a fashion designer, has created window displays in the moneyed shopping district of Fifth Avenue (Bergdorf Goodman) and chic Sex In The City-esque boutiques (Patricia Field), her dedication to social movements has remained intact. This installment is a testament. During a time of war and economic turmoil, supersaturating the world with vapid artistic expressions is not a good look. Hopefully, art like Casanova's won't prove to be the exception to the rule. Apparently, the installation is being hosted at an L.E.S. boutique called Live Fast. At any rate, you should go. Be inspired to create positive, progressive change. Viva la Revolucion!!

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