Thursday, May 21, 2009

::Raheem's Lament::

Does speaking off the cuff pay when you're a celebrity whose success is at the mercy of a multi national corporation? Especially when your rant is leveled against the multi national corporation that holds your very career in their hands. IDK. Publicity stunt or a case of real talk? You make the call. Speaking as someone who worked at a company that did some of the national grassroots tastemaker marketing for The Love Experience, it seemed to me that Jive Records never really respected Raheem's "worth" from jump. And at this point in the game, I don't think they really care about this dude anymore. I mean...If they're not even succeeding at selling the latest releases of the more coveted artists on their roster (Usher, Ciara), then sadly there's little hope for this kat. And although I got love for my fellow Washingtonians who make it to the so-called major leagues, I've always felt his material never really measured up to his dope voice. I'd like to see him keep it in the DMV. It would be dope to hear his voice over some Oddisee beats. But that's just my opinion. You make the call.

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