Friday, May 22, 2009

::Cairo-To-Cape Town::

Being that a good portion of my top 20 movies list consist of road trip films (Motorcycle Diaries, Easy Rider, Into The Wild, etc.), the fact that I'm seriously considering pulling this off doesn't shock me.

The problem is, I need a shotgun partner. And the only kat I know that is A.) a serious biker, B.) a nature enthusiast, and C.) as Gung-Ho and spontaneous as me lives in Cali and is having some problems stacking paper right now. So I'm taking applications. Not sure when, other than in the fall, but I'm trying to traverse the continent on bike. A few blogs I've read on different folks experiences give me an estimate of about 4 months. But let's see if I can't set it up. Cecil Rhodes...EAT YOUR HEART OUT, BEYATCH!!

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