Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily affirmation #1

Every so often, the most high will send you one of his messengers to let you know if you're on the right track or not. But it is up to us to recognize them and properly interpret their purpose for crossing our paths, irrespective of how long they stay. Today, the most high sent one across my own path. I was chillin' on the block with one of the elders having a casual conversation when this woman of wonder and surprise happened upon us. After her anecdote of miraculous fortitude rooted in an unshakable belief in her strengths and the will of the universe, she commenced to telling me about myself. She was direct and concise. She was also 100% on the mark. I was flabbergasted. I now know that I am treading firmly on my intended path and understand what I need to do to fortify my efforts. We exchanged information and like a flash, she was gone. Almost like an apparition. But what she said will forever resonate with my spirit. I thank the heavens and the universe for sending her. I am open, I am receptive, and I am listening. ASHE!!!

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