Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I LOVE MONSTERS X FreeCreditScore.com

I love my folks. And whenever my peoples are in a position to shine, I do my best to further illuminate them in any capacity that I can. In this instance, I'm asking you all to help me do the same. My buddy Jeff is in a NYC-based rock outfit called I Love Monsters. Here's Jeff:

In an opportunity that could be viewed as the culmination of three long years of paying dues and lugging around amps and other assorted gear to a sh*tload of gigs, I Love Monsters recently happened upon somewhat of a big break. They're in a contest sponsored by FreeCreditScore.com. In attempts to broaden the awareness of their services to a younger, hip crowd, FreeCreditScore.com invited bands from across the country to submit demos for consideration in their band search. With a mountain of entries and a daunting task at their helm, they whittled the hundreds of hopefuls down to a final four (one from Chicago, one from Los Angeles, one from Detroit, and one from New York City), of which I Love Monsters has the honor of being one of!

Many of you may have seen the television commercials over the past month, each featuring one of the four finalist bands.

But the real ticket is the online component. On the site, you're given the opportunity to vote for one of the four bands. Up until August 9th, you can vote once every 24 hours for your favorite band. If you're in NYC, show some love for I Love Monsters!! Go to the site and vote here!! The three runners up get $7,500 each. The winning band gets $10,000, a full line of Gibson instruments, a Pearl drum kit ($12,000 value), a studio session with music industry veterans, plus a swanky stroll down the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards! You're still reading this?!? GO VOTE NOW!!!!

For more info on I Love Monsters, hit up their website here.

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