Friday, July 2, 2010

Favela On Blast documentary: FREE ONLINE SCREENING!!

Yeah, I know. Baile Funk is so...2004. But apparently, no one has done a documentary on it yet. So leave it to the folks who "discovered" it and repackaged it as a North American sub-culture novelty to give us a fly on the wall perspective of this Brazilian ghetto sensation of a genre. Since 2002's breakthrough film City Of God, we have been titillated by Brazil's favelas and its unique brand of third world gangster. For myself, Brazil has always been a point of fascination. And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with sex tourism or the outlaw lifestyle. As a country, it's culturally rich, racially complex, and socioeconomically disparate. At the intersection of that lies a cornucopia of social phenomena. One of which is Baile Funk. Upon my first listen, it sounded like a key group of favelados got a hold of some Miami bass and Baltimore club music and wrought them into a 21st century booty shakin' pressure cooker of tropical heat and D.I.Y. moxie.

Favela On Blast - Official Trailer from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Mad Descent is finally releasing their documentary Favela On Blast (the namesake of Mad Decent founder Diplo's 2004 Baile Funk mixtape) this month on DVD. To celebrate the completion of their cinematic debut, they are offering a free week of online screening for the film on Pitchfork's website starting July 9th! If you miss it, too bad. Just cop the DVD when it comes out on the 20th. More info here.

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