Sunday, July 25, 2010

Umm...Dru Hill

Yeah. They're back. And they've got a reality show too (thanks a lot, Centric). Big surprise. I miss the days when artists got by on talent alone. All these gimmicks are starting to wear thin on me. Especially when everyone seems to have subscribed to the idiom of mimic the gimmick.

Even the groups with proven vocal chops have resorted to said gimmicks. Damn shame. a grown ass man, dog. Do better.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if the new Dru Hill album is any good and I'll most likely take my sweet time finding out. I'll probably tune in to the premier episode of their reality show for a few good laughs, but I'm sure it won't lead to me checking for their album any sooner. It must be terribly disconcerting being a moderately successful late 90s R&B group having to contend with all these whiney young R&B thugs. But hell, I guess if the radio station break-up viral vid didn't create a buzz...their next logical step would have been to secure a reality show. Bills come faster than checks do.

(embedded YouTube video)

Good luck, fellas. I wish you all the success in your quest to relive your youth and recapture your fame. But I can guarantee you, the fuschia mohawk will not be a craze. Yeah...will not.

BTW...they'll be at J&R Music World on Tuesday, July 27th for an in-store appearance and autograph session if you feel the need to laugh at them in person:

23 Park Row
New York, NY 10038

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