Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know I should have told you about this last month when I first got word of it. I know this makes me look extremely negligent and out of the loop. I know you're probably thinking why I don't just tell you about it already instead of throwing out all these sentences prefaced with "I know." Tonight, as part of PBS' POV series, documentarian Yoruba Richen tells the story of land reversion rights in post-Apartheid South Africa through the lives of two Black communities in the country with her film Promised Land.

If any of you remember the 2008 documentary Banished, you'll know that this story is but a strand in the fabric of the plight of displaced peoples across the African diaspora and indigenous peoples around the world. I urge everyone to tune in to PBS tonight and continue this discussion amongst your respective circles. Being that the world is focused on the 2010 Fifa World Cup being held in South Africa at the moment, it has the potential to give the impression that all is well in the host country. But there are still many wounds that have yet to be healed. Promised Land is but a mere example of one of those wounds. Check your local listings for air times for Promised Land here.

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