Tuesday, October 7, 2008

:::Free Angela Davis lecture @ Cooper Union::October 30th:::

Yeah, yeah. I know she's been free for some time. I just thought it was a cool play on words with the pic and all. Hardee har-har.

The last Thursday of this month, the day before Halloween, the distinguished Angela Davis will be giving a free lecture at the esteemed East Village academic institution of higher learning Cooper Union at 7pm. The title of the lecture is Abolition Democracy, and Global Politics. Hmm. With the current state of global affairs, sounds like some subject matter that we could stand to have someone wax poetic on right about now.

I've listened to a few podcasts featuring snippets of her speeches and I've been waiting for the opportunity to see her in person. Looks like that time has finally come. It's advised that you arrive as early as possible to guarantee yourself a seat. The Barack Obama lecture at Cooper Union this past March taught me that lesson.

I'm not going to give you a truncated bio or bullet-pointed Cliff notes. If you don't know Angela's history or significance, Google her. Meanwhile, check the Cooper Union website for more details on the lecture.

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