Friday, October 3, 2008

::Mutual Exclusivity Don't Exist In NYC::

I was walking (or should I say staggering) home from Santos Party House early this morning and I saw this at the corner of Lafayette and Bleecker:

I started thinking the bartender put a double dose of PatrĂ³n in my cup, 'cause I just knew I was seein' things.
Guest club the gym? Really?! Is this what it has come to?! Bringin' the club to the gym!!

We stay in the club!
We live in the club!
We die in the club!
We get our car washed in the club!
We go to school in the club!
We go to the cleaners in the club!
We never leave the muthaf*ckin' club!
We go to church in the club!
We do everything in the muthaf*ckin' club!
We pay our taxes in the club!
We go to the library in the club!

- Chris Rock
"Chris Rock In Da Club (interlude)"
from Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz' Crunk Juice (2004)

New York City has a penchant for crossfading all aspects of life. No ground is sacred. In a place where attention spans are shorter than a nano second and prime advertising space is limited and high as a kite, corporations have cultivated creative ways of seizing the few precious moments with this rare breed of metropolitan consumer. And enticing trendy yuppies to get a membership because Danny Tenaglia's spinning on Friday over by the free weights is a prime example of that "creativity." I'm well aware that music high in BPMs does something special for a workout, but is this going a little too far? I'm sayin', what if I don't wanna hear happy hardcore while I'm tryin' to get my bench press on? Hell, I usually just listen to Davey D's Breakdown FM podcasts on my iPod Nano when I'm at the gym.

So I guess Crunch's slant is why go to the club when you can go to the gym and kill two birds with one stone? Well, theoretically speaking. I'm sure they're operating on a premise similar to club promoters who only book DJs based on their following. As long as they don't fall into a genre trap, this might actually be an interesting experiment. Now if they book Masters At Work and Timmy Regisford, I might have to change my gym. Wait...does that make me a hypocrite?

Check Crunch's site for update and DJ schedules.

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