Wednesday, October 1, 2008

::Guess Who's Back??::

If you caught the full-page Village Voice ad last month or stay tuned to his Myspace page, then you're probably already aware that the prince of Neo Soul has reemerged! On October 3rd, he's embarking on a damn near two month tour - including stops in South Africa and The Netherlands! The October 9th show at Radio City Music Hall is already sold out and so is the first of the two Constitution Hall shows in DC, but all my fellow New Yorkers can still cop tickets for the return show on November 23rd at the United Palace Theater.

This is good news, man! Despite his record label woes and the swirling rumors, I'm just glad this kat is back. Now if we can only get D'Angelo to cooperate...


ml said...

but i mean really --- he's been gone for how long..and he's ONLY doing ONE night at radio city??!!

i feel like he needs to start back at the multiple club nights.. and rile up a new fanbase ...really..

and ummmmmm i need some of his music.. wink* wink*

ps. i was showing some nyc pics to a friend here the other day and they told me that i looked like a cartoon character.. hmmmm MIMI'S WORLD!!!

Superbizzee said...

Yeah, that would be nice to see him in a more intimate atmosphere. But you know all of Harlem and Brooklyn would be squabbling at the door of S.O.B.s if that were to happen. It would be like a hip-hop show with somebody getting shot over some guest list fiasco. Damn, did I just spit a stereotype?