Wednesday, October 8, 2008

:.:Lazarides Pop-Up Gallery::NYC::September 26 - October 12th:.:

After commenting on that brilliant New York Sun article, I thought it only right that I give a little shine to Steve Lazarides' "The Outsiders" exhibit at the intersection of the East Village, L.E.S., and SoHo. He's got work from some dope artists on display, so I advise all y'all to go check it out! I plan on breezing through this temporary gallery a few times over the next few days before it closes to transform into a pizza restaurant supply shop.

This is a real throw back to the NYC art scene of the early 1980s where "refined and validated" artists were eschewed for the more raw and equally talented street artists. Ironically enough, this gallery is directly across the street from the temporary Keith Haring mural. Hmm. This word "temporary" worries me. Maybe it's because temporary is often equated with disposability.

While the roster of artists featured range from Borf to BAST, I'm not sure if Lazarides' most notable client Banksy has any art featured in this gallery. Sad face. Anyway, roll through and share your thoughts. I'll post some pics following my visit.

Lazarides Gallery
282 Bowery @ E. Houston
September 26 - October 12


Check the Lazarides Gallery website for more info.

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