Wednesday, October 22, 2008

::Musiq Soul-less Child jumps the shark::

Wow. I This couldn't have been any more cliche if he had Weezy do a quick 16. I guess neo-soul really is dead. Aesthetically, he's trying to crossfade too many looks. Sonically, it's comes off like a really bad mash-up. I know T.I. is ROTFL right about now. You can tell they didn't even give him a video budget. Looks like he got his little brother from film school to direct it. Bottom line: this is laughable on sooooo many levels. The history books are rife with examples of artists grasping for straws, but damn. Hell, even Ethel Merman's disco album was more forgivable than this.

The track was produced by a new production duo called Black Keys. The production is cool, but this just ain't a good match. On a positive note, I'm diggin' that white hoodie with the black text on the front. Y'all know whose line it is? Respond:React.

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