Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Was on my way to the Q-Tip show Monday night and decided to stop in at my favorite corporate franchise, Starbucks. Not that I would have to go too far to find one. These people f*ck like bunnies; there's one on every other corner. I mean, I don't drink coffee...but me and their desserts get along just fine.

But I digress (cough, tangent, cough)...I walked up to the counter and saw this:

Hmm...I wonder how late I am on this. Apparently, every Tuesday Starbucks features two new free iTunes songs for download with a special code on these nifty little cards. This past Tuesday, the featured songs were Raphael Saadiq's "100 Yard Dash" and Thievery Corporation's (D.C. stand up!) "Hare Krishna." Coincidentally (or not), Tuesday has long been the new release day for music and movies at traditional retail outlets. Hmm. Interesting.

The music industry has been entertaining all types of new cross promotion relationships as of late. In the wake of its decline, I guess they're grasping for straws while opening up to new and creative ways to draw the consumer back into the concept of paying for music again. Even though picking up a few cards gave me the feeling that I was stealing candy from a baby, Granny always said ain't nothing in life free. I think Granny was on to something.

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ml said...

oh man, your first paragraph had me ROFL!!!