Thursday, January 29, 2009

:::The Bitch Is Back::Grace For Your Face:::

By now, y'all should know that I have an affinity for Black folk in the arts that push the envelope and defy convention. Hendrix. Sun Ra. Basquiat. Bad Brains. Fishbone. Snuky Tate. Betty Davis. Andre 3000. Kelis. Janelle Monae. The list is long, yet not long enough. But Grace Jones, a.k.a. Strângé, has definitely earned her rightful place on it. I mean...who can deny the prowess of a woman who invented the ubiquitous 80s hair cut the flat top, slapped the sh*t out of a BBC talk show host on live television, and gave us one of the funkiest 80s throwback jams"Pull Up To The Bumper?" Hell, her 1982 feature length avant garde movie A One Man Show still informs my artistic sensibilities to this day. This month, the gender bending Grace stages a brazen return to the spotlight, snagging the cover of V Magazine in the process. Hurricane, her first studio album in nearly 20 years, is on shelves now.

Though most of the "cover story" consists of a fashion spread, it's still worth a thumb through. I'm guessing that's V Magazine's format. At any rate, I can't hate. So I'll celebrate. Homegirl deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award. Damn shame folks don't get props in such an age of accelerated manufactured celebrity. Check the video for the first single, "Corporate Cannibal":

Check her site here for more details. 'Nuff respect due.