Wednesday, January 7, 2009

::Skillz 2008 Rap-Up:FREE DOWNLOAD::

Skillz has been around for a hot minute (formerly Mad Skillz). About 13 years to be exact. "The Nod Factor" has remained a favorite of mine for some time. And who didn't love his quasi exposé Rawkus single "Ghostwriter?" And even though I was a lil disappointed with his third full-length release , 2008's The Million Dollar Backpack, you can't front on his year end wrap ups. Since '02, he's been chronicling the hurrays, hiccups, and how-tha-f*cks of hip-hop in his year end 5 minute briefings. This has kind of been his claim to fame, being that his solo releases have been spotty over the years. Nonetheless, he brings more heat with his 2008 installment. I thought it was just ok. Some of his earlier editions were more fire. But I still f*cks wit him on the sheer fact that he's creative enough to pull it off year after year. So here you here.

Also, if you missed any of the others, you can listen here.

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sergiusz said...

The whole collection of past rap ups 2002-2008 can be found at register and check the forums for the download link, also ‘Skillz - Ghostwriter’ has been added.. WITH NAMES.. enjoy