Tuesday, January 6, 2009

.::Madison Avenue Pursues Change We Need::.

Yes we can...

...drink Pepsi.

Someone pulled my coattails about this the other day. Striking resemblance or conspiracy theory? All I'm saying is that it's quite the coincidence that Pepsi decided to revamp its logo upon Barack Obama's presidential victory. And if you turn the Pepsi logo upside down, the two logos become almost identical.

But similar parallels could be drawn between the American flag:

...and the Puerto Rican flag:

In summation, similarity of design is usually no sheer coincidence. It typically occurs when a brand wants to affect the same consumer response to their brand as their plausibly more successful competitor. In some instances, however, the parallels are blatant and unabashed. Beginning in 2001, Levi's Strauss & Co.'s lawsuits argued this same point, lashing out at competitors such as Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch for creating derivatives of Levi's trademarked back-pocket stitching design.

It remains to be seen whether the creators or trademark holders of the Obama logo will file suit against Pepsi or if it is in fact a covert action to further entrench the Obama brand into the larger public conscience. In this new sociopolitical landscape, take nothing for face value my friends.

Striking resemblance or conspiracy theory?


ml said...

t'ings that make u go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"......

Anonymous said...

On 12/23/08, a jury of 10 unanimously found for Abercrombie in the trademark lawsuit brought by Levi's.