Wednesday, January 7, 2009

.::Wonderfull:D.C. Edition:1/19/09::.

So being that D.C. will probably be the largest populated U.S. city during the week of the presidential inauguration, EVERYBODY IN CHOCOLATE CITY AND THEIR MAMA has been trying to capitalize on it. Stories of folks renting out their spare rooms, basements and backyards for the occasion have been well documented. So why not take one of NYC's most successful long-running annual fetes to the nation's capital to try and stack some paper?

Spinna & Bob are charging $30 for advanced tix to this one. A little more than usual for the NYC parties...BUT HEY, IT'S THE INAGURATION B*TCHES!!

The venue is a spot called LIV in the U Street corridor. It's located right above the legendary Bohemian Caverns. Never been there, but I'm sure it's a fly lil joint.

My only problem is that I've received a few different flyers each with contradicting details:

This one has absolutely NO mention of the Ciroc open bar and says the party starts at 9PM and ends at 2AM:

And this one makes no mention of Stevie at all (even substituting his visage for that of Fela and J.B.), states that advance tix are only $20, and has a start time of 2AM and a wrap time of 6AM:

Either they have several different parties overlapping, or they released all these flyers before they settled on the final details. At any rate, hit the website up to be sure. If you do attend, hopefully there will be room enough for you to shake your groove thang.

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Stone said...

Wow. That's weird. I've only seen the two posters with Bobbito + Spinna. I'm hoping that the second one is an earlier version. I haven't seen the Rich Medina flyer down here, but maybe that's an afterparty? Who knows. Liv is a dope venue, but they do have a tendency to book multiple promoters.