Saturday, January 3, 2009

::Blackbird web browser::FREE DOWNLOAD::

Explorer, your hearts out. Information technology company Mozilla attempts to get a leg up on the competition with Blackbird. The first niche oriented web browser targeted towards the "African American" community. Whoever that is. Initially, I just wrote this off as another way to repackage and market Firefox...being that Mozilla developed that browser and the interface looks very similar. Madison Avenue is relentless in its pursuit for the dollar. It never fails. Nevertheless, the concept of Blackbird has piqued my curiosity. I was tempted to take this for a test drive, but they've only got a beta version for XP, Vista, and Windows. Sad face.

Mozilla is pledging to donate 10% of all its 2009 Blackbird profits to charitable and educational organizations serving the African American community. Hmm. That sounds kind of vague. Other than that, Blackbird really doesn't seem to distinguish itself from Firefox all that much. Except for the fact that it offers ethnicity specific search engines and functions of the like integrated into its toolbar.

Well, I guess I won't be giving this one a test drive being that I'm a devout Steve Jobs fan. Maybe it's all for the better. I've got enough crap on my hard drive already. Anyone still in PC land that downloads this, feel free to give the rest of us a report. You can download Blackbird here.

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