Tuesday, January 13, 2009

::Prince's 3 Resolutions for 2009::

In 2009, Prince plans to release 3 full-length albums. Does anybody think this is a case of O.G. OD? But then again, Prince has always been the one for outdoing the competition. Even when the competition is himself. But even more audacious and bewildering is that he plans on releasing these albums without the aid of a major label. He's going a rather unorthodox route: distributing through an as yet unnamed major retailer. Hmm. Target? Best Buy? Those are the only national retailers left that carry music unless he's courting the national bully and global pillager WalMart. Whatever the case, I'm sure it will be a spectacle. His name still perks up ears and makes registers chime. And that's all good, homie. Just don't expect us to buy it if it's that esoteric, avant garde mind fuck garbage you put out at the beginning of the decade (Xpectations, N.E.W.S., Rainbow Children). I bought them all and was not happy.

Furthermore, I'm a little wary of the 3-album-in-one-year promise. Sounds just like the unfulfilled promise that another artist made to us last year:

But time will tell. And usually when Prince announces that he's makin' moves...the ink is already dry. Your man is good on delivery. However, the quality of the package is what concerns me. No pun intended. The delicate balance of making music for yourself while making music for the market place (ie; your fans) is one that often eludes many of our more eclectic artists. And Prince seems like he's been off of that tightrope for the better part of 10 years now. And it's safe to say that the fans have caught on by now. With albums sales at traditional outlets stalling, illegal downloading at an all time high, and a recession that seems to be dragging on with uncertainty, most folks have become devout members of the try-before-you-buy club. I wasn't really feelin' 3121, so I'll stay on the skeptical side of things until I hear his new stuff. I'm done with supporting artists based on blind faith. I've been burned too many times. If I were you, I'd save my lunch money. In the meantime, check out his new site here.

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