Wednesday, January 7, 2009

.::A Requiem For Knitting Factory::.

21 years for a venue in NYC nowadays is a pretty stellar run. Considering that land grabs and price outs are at an all time high. But the largely residential block has been trying to oust Knitting Factory from its Tribeca digs for years, citing noise violations and wanton patrons congregating outside. It has been at the Leonard Street location for 14 of those 21 years, but it looks like they'll be jetting to Brooklyn in May for their third run. And apparently the rents in Williamsburg haven't yet matched those in off to Willysburg they go! Seems like Brooklyn will be the forerunner in nightlife activities as Manhattan continues to gentrify at a rapid rate. Along with Southpaw, the new Knitting Factory will share the distinction of being the only venues in Brooklyn that give exceptionally warm welcomes to Hip-Hop. Underground, off-the-grid Hip-Hop, to be precise. But since the closing of the short-lived yet popular Triple Crown, Knitting Factory will stand alone as the only venue of the like in Williamsburg. Coincidentally, Triple Crown was also shuttered by the community board's frustration with "noise violation" and "loitering patrons." The venue was sold to new owners, the community board voted in favor of the liquor license. But they encouraged the venue, now called Brooklyn Café, not to feature DJs or live acts. Hmmm. We'll see how this pans out over time. Hip-Hop just can't catch a break.

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